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Selected Publications

Clark MJ and Y Zheng. 2014. Fertilizer rate influences production scheduling of sedum-vegetated green roof mats. Ecological Engineering 71:644-650.

Green Roof Webinar handout August 12 2014

Clark MJ and Y Zheng. 2014. Effect of Fertilizer Rate on Plant Growth and Leachate Nutrient content during Production of Sedum-vegetated Green Roof Modules. HORTSCIENCE 49(6):819826.

Clark and Zheng. 2014. Fertilizer Rate and Type Affect Sedum-vegetated Green Roof Mat Plant Performance and Leachate Nutrient Content. HortScience. 49: 328-335.

KL Vinson and Y Zheng 2013. Green Roof Plant Suitability Analysis for Northern Climates.

MJ Clark and Y Zheng 2013. Plant Nutrition Requirements for an Installed Sedum-Vegetated Green Roof Module System: Effects of Fertilizer Rate and Type on Plant Growth and Leachate Nutrient Content. HORTSCIENCE 48(9):1173-1180. 2013.

Y Zheng and MJ Clark 2013. Optimal Growing Substrate pH for Five Sedum Species HORTSCIENCE48(4):448-452. 2013.

MJ Clark and Y Zheng 2012. Evaluating Fertilizer Influence on Overwintering Survival and Growth of Sedum Species in a Fall-installed Green Roof. HORTSCIENCE 47(12):1775-1781. 2012.

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