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On-going Research Activities

Currently, we have the following research activities:
  1. Plant species and species combination study
    • Various plant species are and will be tested under roof top conditions in Ontario using mat and tray growing systems
    • Plants will be studied in different combinations and the plant-to-plant interactions will be monitored to determine proper compatibilities
    • Plants will also be analyzed to determine the suitability of their use in the different green roof growing systems
  2. Determining Optimal Growing Substrate pH for Sedum Plants
  3. Evaluating Fertilizer Influence on Overwintering Survival and Growth of Sedum Species in an Autumn-installed Green Roof
  4. Optimization of Fertilizer Application Rate for Green Roof Systems
  5. Determining the Optimal Nitrogen and Phosphorus Rates for Sedum Growth
  6. Sedum Propagating Techniques
  7. Residential Vegetative Roof Systems (Sponsored by the Ontario Centres of Excellence)
  8. Development of a wireless sensor based monitoring system for urban ‘greening’ technologies (Sponsored by NSERC and SAP).
  9. SMART Green Roof Technologies
  10. Green roof plant selection and substrate design
  11. Green roof modeling

University of Guelph, Bovey Building, 50 Stone Road East, Guelph, ON, N1G 2W1